Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Canadians want to dump the Monarchy and so should the Liberals

I have no time for monarchy and so the following warms my heart.

"Under the terms of the Canadian Constitution, Queen Elizabeth II holds the position of Canada’s head of state. Would you support or oppose Canada ending its formal ties to the British monarchy?



Not sure



Anonymous said...

Not feasible until we get to 80% level in favour ( and or Britain dumps it).
It cuts across party lines and in today's climate it would be an emotional bomb.
Too bad

Koby said...

I fully realize that it is not doable, but the issue is not so much that as whether the Liberals can score points with such an issue. I think they can, but then again I think the Liberals badly need all the "emotional" bombs they can get and you do not.

Tory@York said...

Typical Liberal scheme, abolish anything that has to do with Canadas proud British history to score a few cheap political points. I mean hell, you've already gotten rid of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and countless other institutions with the word royal in it, why not go for the whole shebang so your cheap, lowly party can rise a few points?

Koby said...

"We" got rid of the word "royal" not the air force or navy.

Not only is Monarchy a useless ceremonial institution it is also represents the anti thesis of modern western democracy. Add to this the fact that most of Canada’s new immigrants come from places were the British “Empire” has a good deal of colonial baggage and the fact that it is an easy slam dunk for Quebec separatists.

tory@york said...

So according to your logic, anything that "offends" new immigrants in any way should be abolished. Why don't we just burn down our museums then that are filled with items representing our "colonial baggage". It's people like you who try to teach kids to be ashamed of their countries history, when they should be celebrating and cherishing it.

Koby said...

>>>> So according to your logic, anything that "offends" new immigrants in any way should be abolished.

Ha ha ha. I see someone failed logic. This would be an example of syllogism. Anything that offends new immigrants should be abolished. The monarchy offends new immigrants. Therefore, the monarchy should be banned.