Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Green Party Moves Around the NDP's Left Flank

With the release of their party platform, the Green Party has moved around the NDP’s left flank in two key areas and has matched the NDP in three other areas. In so doing the Green Party has challenged the NDP's claim to be Canada's most socially democratic party.

Whereas the NDP is still committed merely decriminalizing Marijuana, the Green party will legalize it.

Whereas the NDP remains silent on the "vacation gap” between Canada and Europe, the Green party will address the "vacation deficit" by giving Canadians an extra week of vacation a year.

The Green Party will match the NDP on several other issues.

Both the NDP and Green party support ban on all hand guns, semi automatic and fully automatic guns.

Both the NDP and Green party support a National pharmacare plan.

Both the NDP and Green party support a national $10 an hour minimum wage indexed to inflation.


Mushroom said...

How about other issues? For example, the repealing of NAFTA, the Security and Prosperity Pact, the need to promote local agriculture through trade barriers etc.

HammertimeGP said...