Saturday, October 13, 2007

Liberals Carbon Fee Plan: I like it

"Let me give you the two bottom lines of this plan: there will be no carbon tax and the money will stay in Alberta," he told the crowd. "If there is a place in the world where there is much to gain in bringing the environment and the economy together, it is Alberta."
While the Liberal environment policy would penalize industries that don't reduce emissions, the money would remain in the province to pay for research, he explained.
"High calibre research institutions like the University of Alberta and the Edmonton Research Park have the potential to become ground zero for a revolution in environmental innovation."
Alberta companies and universities could also make money by creating new ways to reduce emissions, he said.

"If we make Fort McMurray sustainable, we can export that know-how to the world, and by cutting megatonnes of emissions, we are going to make megatonnes of money."

I have always found the Liberals carbon fee plan politically clever. It also has the potential to be pretty good policy. I think they could do without the “megatonnes” of money line though.


Abdul-Rahim said...

I think that Dion needs to come out way stronger in terms of environmental policy, even when he is trying to court Albertans.

wilson said...

Koby, Alberta already has it's own carbon trading system.
The money satya in Alberta.

Why would Albertans want the feds to act as middle man.
Dion's plan scoops up Albertan's cash, keeps a chunk for 'administration costs', and if the feds (the Libs) think we have been good boys and girls, they toss us back some cash,
unless of course, the Libs want to appease some Dipper demand.

We aren't that stupid as to hand you Liberals the back door keys to our oil and gas industry.

Perhaps your buddy Danny will be a more willing 'partner'.

Koby said...

"Koby, Alberta already has it's own carbon trading system."

They do? I see it is really working well; emissions are going through the roof.

"Perhaps your buddy Danny will be a more willing 'partner'."

I can not stand Danny Williams. As for the Atlantic Accord, I do not have anything positive to say about it. The Liberals are idiots for having signed it.

One more thing Wilson, I identify with the Liberals only in so far as I think they are the only ones with a chance to beat Harper and I was tired of being outside the tent pissing into the wind. I was never a Martin fan, I did not think much of Chr├ętien and I have been disappointed in Dion thus far. All in all, I never been one to hold back criticizing the Liberals. You know this.