Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harper calls The Liberals out on Afghanistan.

The Liberals have tried very hard to muddy the Afghan waters. They have said that they want to see Canada abandon its combat role in Kandahar province by February 2009. They have not, however, said that this means they want to see Canadian troops out of Kandahar by 2009. Stephen Harper called them out. He said the current Kandahar mission is curently focused on training and thereby implied that the Liberals can call the mission what they will it will involve combat so long as Canada is in Kandahar. He all but went on to say that the current mission, whatever the Liberals want to call it, will continue until 2011. I am glad he did this. It is high time Liberal Party commit to pulling Canadian troops out of Kandahar province by February 2009. If they think Canadians, especially Quebecers, will be fooled if they leave the troops in Kandahar province and proclaim the mission a non combat one, they are delusional. So long as Canadian troops are in Kandahar province, they will see combat.

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