Saturday, October 13, 2007

Liberals roll out substantive Afghan Talking points.

"I think we can't succeed in Afghanistan if NATO is not working," he said. "It can't be the burden of a few countries if you have a coalition of 27 countries," he said.
Dion said that every month Canada delays is a mistake that makes it more difficult for NATO to find a replacement for the Canadian mission.
Extending the mission indefinitely also threatens the future of NATO because other members will hestitate to participate in missions if they see that a country accepts a two-year mission and ends up staying forever, he said."

Wow at long last substantive talking points. The childish and silly “its their turn” has morphed into something much more weighty. It has become the following: If other NATO countries are unwilling to share the economic, political, and military costs of deploying in the South, the mission is doomed. Either way, Canada should leave the south. Either because someone else has assumed the burden or no one has and the mission is doomed to fail.


Abdul-Rahim said...

I don't understand how with Dion offering the best option for Afghanistan, that the Conservatives can be at 40 percent popularity (according to the latest pole)

wilson said...

Other countries are stepping up.
CP reports:
Oct 13/07
Germany extends Afghan mission despite mounting public dismay

BERLIN - Germany's lower house of parliament voted overwhelmingly on Friday to keep 3,000 troops and six reconnaissance jets in Afghanistan for another year despite mounting public skepticism about the mission.

Koby said...

Wilson there is no chance that any NATO contry that is not already in the South will be offering to step into Kandahar province or Helmand province. And it is South that we are talking about. Germany signed on for another three years in Kabul.