Thursday, October 18, 2007

"The Dion-endorsed Green Party will blow your mind"

This is on the Conservative website


May I sugggest the following caption: "Why not?"


Dante said...

How about:


Koby said...

The thing is that Dion is about as straight laced as they come. If someone asked him if he had ever smoked up I am afraid his answer would not be "Sorry...personal" or "sure" but rather "of course not".

Mushroom said...

However, Dion has failed to answer directly the drinking session he had as a university student when he campaigned as a sovereigntist.

I doubt he got that drunk. Ol' Leon's boy was a bright lad, the brightest of the lot (smarter than Iggy and Rae). He can hold his own in any academic debate, sometimes with a fiery tone.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin chaired the Senate report recommending that marijuana be legalized:

Let's hope, for the CPC's sake, that voters don't notice this bit of inconsistency...