Friday, April 22, 2011


Solid support for it nationwide: check
A very big issue in Quebec: check
Social conservatism is Harper's Achilles heel: check
Liberals are behind in the polls: check

So, why are the Liberals not talking about euthanasia?


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the Liberal Party not want to talk about putting the sick and dying out of their misery? Are you serious? We're talking about the *LIBERAL PARTY* -- sick and dying -- put out of misery. Hello? Anyone home? For crying out loud, the editorial cartoons draw themselves!

Koby said...

ha ha Point taken

Exiled Maritimer said...

May 3rd the conversation starts......
Run Iggy Run

Anonymous said...

Mostly because you do not introduce a new position with one week to go (or basically once your platform has been released) Martin tried that with the not withstanding clause after the platform was released, hoping to attack the Tory social conservatism - it made him look desperate.