Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Liberals need to Focus on the Conservatives

The Liberals ability to attack the NDP is basically nil. Any attack on Jack Layton fuels the NDP is on the march narrative and that the Liberals are bleeding left and right. The Liberals need to focus their guns on the Conservatives. They stand a far better chance of being successful and the vast majority of their losses will come at hand the hands of the Conservatives. The NDP are nowhere in the 905. Most important of all the Liberals need to paint the Conservatives not themselves as having lost the most support.

The Liberals need to keep up their attacks on the health front. There is no doubt this has hurt the Conservatives. Second the Liberals need to paint Stephen Harper as once having been an Alberta separatist. This could be accomplished by repeatedly referring to Harper's Separation, Alberta-style: It is time to seek a new relationship with Canada and emphasizing the following quotes.

1) "Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status"

2) "Any country with Canada’s insecure smugness and resentment can be dangerous."

3) "We [Alberta] are the only province in Canada keeping pace with the top tier countries in the world. Now we must show that we will not stand for a second-tier country run by a third-world leader with fourth-class values."

4) "It is to take the bricks and begin building another home -- a stronger and much more autonomous Alberta. It is time to look at Quebec and to learn. What Albertans should take from this example is to become "maitres chez nous."

5) "You've got to remember that west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from eastern Canada: people who live in ghettoes and who are not integrated into western Canadian society."


WesternGrit said...

Exactly. Our target should continue to be the Cons. Realistically, there isn't too much that Jack could do that we would dislike as much as we dislike the Harper Party and their policies.

Harper and Flaherty have done more to destroy our economy than ANY government duo in recent history. If Jack (with Liberal help - or vice versa) can govern anything like Allan Blakeney (NDP-Sask) or Roy Romanow (NDP-Sask), or even some Western European leaders of the center left - then we sit in good stead.

Pragmatic progressive social evolution is NEEDED in Canada right now, or we continue to harp the tripe of the banks and MNCs who seem to have influenced our politics far too much.

Canadians are speaking now - and the only party they are resonating with are the NDP. We should listen.

Our politics (overall - including the NDP) had wandered too far to the right. Years of Harper and the angry right with their media mouthpieces can do that to you (look at the US). What we hear is the sound of Canadians saying, "whoa there, just a minute".

To hold our own, and ensure we maintain the center, we must continue to attack the Conservatives. Let's finish Steve and send him home to Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Iggy is now musing about a merge.

Eric said...

Sorry, I am just confused about why Ignatieff forced this election and why he thinks he should lead a govt.

... G8/20 overspending, corporate tax cuts, gun control, defence procurement, democratic deficit, health care ....

I don't see a consistent narrative, nor do I see a position which Mr Ignatieff and the part have been substantially different ...

perhaps it is why so many people have seemed to pursue the third wave ...

Koby said...

Liberals had 77 mps Eric. They could not force an election by themselves. The Conservatives lost the confidence of all three opposition parties. Now, as to who forced an election, the Bloc had made it clear that should the Conservatives give Quebec a HST deal than they would support the budget and not bring the Conservatives down on other matters. The Conservatives said no deal and proceeded to offer the same deal to Quebec just after the writ was dropped.

Rotterdam said...

"The NDP are nowhere in the 905"

Except Oshawa