Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is all about Ontario

What will determine whether there will be a Conversative majority is the gap between the Liberals and the Conservatives in the Province of Ontario. An 8% difference or more probably means a Conservative majority. Right now Nanos shows a 12 point gap.

Brampton West
Brampton Springdale
York Center
Don Valley West
Ajax Pickering
Mississauga South
Richmond Hill
Kington and the Islands
London North Center

All of the above and maybe more are in danger of going blue.

The Liberal Plan for the next week is simple. Drive the Conservative vote below 40% in Ontario.


Joseph Kerr said...

The progressive vote plan is simple hahahahahaha

Coalesce behind the most popular leader of the orange team and win the election

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

"The Liberal Plan for the next week is simple. Drive the Conservative vote below 40% in Ontario."

Don't confuse a plan with a goal. The goal is to drive the Conservative vote below 40%. You haven't described a plan. What is the plan? What specifically does Michael Ignatieff need to do?

Here, let me get you started with a suggestion. How about having Michael Ignatieff list ridings where the Liberals are running behind the NDP, and declare that it is the policy of the Liberal Party that Liberals in those ridings vote for the NDP? It's radical. It's headline catching. And it's a plan.

sharonapple88 said...

Anonymous -- list the ridings the NDP needs the help in. It would make sense to promote a vote swap for them for the ridings listed in the blog pots about the ridings in potential danger of falling from Liberal to Conservatives. A trade for a trade would be practical and more efficient than snapping between parties.

Anonymous said...

@sharonapple88: Indeed. Too bad the two parties weren't better organized before the election race started. Withdrawing candidates from ridings would have guaranteed that the progressive vote was funneled as efficiently as possible, preventing voters from accidentally choosing the wrong progressive candidate for that particular riding. As it is, we're reduced to listing ridings and trying to get to as many right-minded people as possible in these ridings to prevent splits. The key to all this is to act like two independent parties (thus doubling the amount of money that can be spent against the Cons), but on the ground being essentially one party so that progressive voters are constrained from splitting. Remember, this is to save democracy people. Nothing can get in the way of that.

Anonymous said...

Scheme away Liberals ... your desperation is palpable.

Anonymous said...

You must be the same idiots who gave us McGuinty.

Koby said...

The Liberals need to focus in on Ontario as opposed to Montreal -- hence plan.

The NDP vote is not all that much in the 905 and that is where the Liberals need to hold.

The Liberals need to focus their ad buys in the last week in Toronto.